Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's center.
It surprises me, how many people don't like Christmas...more love it, but how can you dislike Christmas?! I guess I'm just a bit spoiled. With a holiday being centered on the spending of money (of which most do not have in abundance), the spending of time with family (of which many do not get along with or even have, for one reason or another) and on the spending of time laboring vigorously (of which most do enough on regular days), it's really no wonder. I would likely not enjoy Christmas either if I were centered on those things...and it's EASY to get caught up in those things.
If we worship anything other than Him, we are headed for heartache. How many times do we hear "Christmas is all about being with family and friends" or "It's all about giving". I love those things too, but that is not what is at the heart of Christmas. Those things can easily disappoint...but Jesus never disappoints. For guaranteed, peace, joy, love and every other good thing under the sun, make your relationship with Him the center of this holiday. If we have nothing else to get excited about or to give, we have the hope of His grace and the present reality of His companionship. What more could truly satisfy? Oh, I love a few good shortbread cookies and some hooch (thanks Mom)...and they do stick with me for longer than I prefer, but they must be secondary...or thirdary (new word). To avoid the humbug virus this season, get inoculated!! Center on Him. Take a very quiet moment (or two) to be all alone...with the tree lights... and a festive drink... maybe a little carol playing...and have a birthday toast...just you and Him. That is what it is all about.

"Be still and know that I am God." -Jesus

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of the most entertaining things to do is to sit with my afternoon coffee and attentively watch my little kids play. Listen carefully to what they are talking about and ask questions about it. Yesterday, they had a friend over to play...some spy, treasure hunting game which involved LOTS of paper with written clues on them, tape and homemade booby traps set everywhere around the house (the one at the bottom of the stairs almost killed me). Apparently, a top secret password was necessary to open my 8 year old science guy's treasure box. After several brilliant guesses on my part, I gave up and asked for the privileged information. With a Nobel Prize winning look on his face, he whispered in my ear "constipated". Not exactly a glamorous, James Bond choice, but it certainly gave me the joy of parenting that I needed to get through the cookie making session we were about to embark on. Take time to stop and smell the roses...or whatever scent your little ragamuffins provide you with :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I just LOVE to laugh. Last night, we were cozy on our bed watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" reruns with our oldest...the one that is taller than me...better looking than me...better with directions than me...SO many other 'better than Me's , he is :) Anyway, he LOVES the Hillbillies, Sanford & Son, and any other silly humor that I don't really find too amusing right off the bat. However, watching them with him is pretty amusing...except my eyes aren't usually on the TV, but on his captivated face with the crooked smile as every small muscle, slowly builds to a crescendo of loud laughter. An escaping hiss of breath here or there is quickly lassoed until the glorious punch line. I have video taped him watching comedy before. The change of expressions on his face are more entertaining than most anything else on the evening's program. Then there is the inevitable repeating of the line, only milliseconds after we have all heard it...who said kids are no good at narration?! Kids are cool. I think I'll look for a boxed set of Newhart, Carol Burnett or some other for him for Christmas...or maybe I'll buy it for me :)