Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Ask, Seek, Knock" from Carpentree Inc.
I love the beautiful doors in this picture. I think it would look great in my entryway :)
I always notice the front door of a house. Most of them are pretty mine, but those run-of-the-mill, well kept little homes that have a gorgeous, colorful, vintage, welcoming door on the front of them...well it's like the cherry on top of the cake. I wonder if I could paint my front door red??;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coffee is Very Relevant

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jesus? Well, I do. To go along with that thought, I love getting to know Him better every day. Yes, He is real, with personality and power. Sometimes I neglect spending time with Him, but once I sense my gas gauge dwindling, or my attitude twisting, I know where to get adjusted and filled...with Him...and with a coffee. I wonder if He ever had a coffee? When was coffee discovered and who got the Nobel Prize for their contribution to society? I digress...
There seems to be dirty word out the in Churchland...the word is...doctrine. I'm surprised at how many Christians don't like it, don't want to talk about it and don't think it is "relevant" anymore. Now that's a Churchland word that makes feel kind of funny in the gut. Have we forgotten that Jesus and the society of His time aren't that different that we are today? They were just as human as we are, and history repeats itself, it doesn't evolve into another "Garden of Eden". We still need principles to live by and help from one greater than ourselves. For the sake of peace, we ignore doctrine. Well, heaven help us when the party is over...that will be one wicked hangover.
Doctrine is the teachings of Jesus. Ignoring it, is like ignoring Him personally. Saying it doesn't matter is like saying what He thinks doesn't matter. Believing it, but not living it is just plain hypocritical. I am a hypocrite, by the way...but I'm a recovering hypocrite. I've been back on the wagon now for awhile and try not to touch the stuff.
Jesus doesn't play "Hide and Seek" with us, as some churchy people want us to believe. His word is clear, meaningful, specific and RELEVANT...sorry did I yell that? Jesus would NEVER ask His children to be willing to suffer or even die for some gray, obscure, wishy washy, culturally relative, fairy tale. Treasure it...dig into it...embrace it...fight for it...TRUST it. I think we have forgotten that the Bible IS God revealing himself to us. The 10 commandments and every principle that falls under them, ARE the character of Christ. Don't ask Jesus to change his personality to suit your desires...He can't anyway. Love Him more than your own life and the comfort of it.
Ok, I'm done preaching...just had to place an ad for the superstar in my life. I'm a groupie and a campaign manager. It's going to be a great show and He's no Millie Vanilli...what you see is what you'll get. Learn His songs now, so you can sing along when He comes. Buy the T shirt...paint your face...turn the volume way up, whatever you it for Him, but MAKE SURE you aren't misrepresenting Him..."watch your doctrine closely to save you". Wouldn't that be embarrassing if we met Him and found out we were wrong about Him the whole time?? Maybe a little tragic too...

Friday, April 23, 2010

There She Blows

I just love watching the kids playing outside when they don't know I'm watching. One, pretending to score a touchdown in front of millions of admiring fans, another, drumming a song as he saunters to the chicken coup and the youngest two...well we could be here awhile. The other day, my meek,little princess was chasing her brother around the back field with a huge, deadly stick held high above her head. Fortunately, he runs like the wind...and this time to save his life. The chase was quite long and covered much ground as I whispered pointless words of direction and hope from the kitchen window. Visions of blood and tears flashed by my face, but nothing happened. She just stopped and their friendly play resumed. When they came in, I asked what the chase was all about. Apparently, my reading of the classic tale "Moby Dick" made quite an impression. She was Captain Ahab and he was the elusive White Whale. The stick became a harpoon...which in their story, to my great relief, didn't kill Moby Myers. The well used play set was the Peaquad and they sailed the seas all afternoon.
Just another reason why I love my kids, homeschooling, wide open country and imagination.

I don't think I will read Lord of the Flies to them quite yet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love, love , love paintings. So...I'm going to post some...since I don't have the funds or the wall space to buy them all :)
This one looks so much like Guy and one of our boys. It makes me smile and tear up at the same time.
I can't find the artist's name...still searching...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Live Long...and Try Not to Kill Anyone.

I would like to have been a Vulcan this week.
Ever have those days (or weeks) when you are so completely emotional, for absolutely NO fair reason? It looks like everyone else is comfortable, singing melodies in their head and looking no further or deeper than a rain puddle. While I, walk around, looking at the pile of dishes...the pile of school books to be marked, the Everest of laundry...and I seem frozen. Every task is only fit for Tom Cruise or Sydney Bristow with all of their mission impossible gadgets. Why bother? Once I pick up that first towel to fold, I'll just cry, the kids will come running, look nervously at my wrinkled, damp face and ask compassionately..."Should I call Dad?". Soooo, I take an extra spoonful of soy protein, an extra minute in rambling prayer (He knows what I mean anyway) and start using my imagination as to how to endure the next hour in my estrogen bathed world.

Most times, a woman just has to plow through these kind of days coping however she can, but this was Friday. My dear, dear husband ...who notices everything...sensed my internal panic and sent me on a mission. My mission was to go to town and pick up 8 bags of chicken feed. Now that might not sound very relieving to you, but to me, it was my salvation. He and I both know that sometimes, when it is possible and harmless, it is good to just take the escape. I hugged him, loaded the kids in the van and headed for town. We went to the library first (I have this illogical, subconscious need to justify my whims by adding learning :/ ), then the feed, then food, then FRENCHIES!
The other thing that acts as a sort of "pain killer" at times is shopping!!! The kids and I all love it...especially thrift store shopping. It can be addictive, but not too much so, when you live 1/2 hour from town and we aren't in the poor house because of the $10 or so you might spend at each infrequent trip. The treasure hunt is so much fun! It was a wonderful, therapeutic, productive treatment for my temporary insanity. Thank you Dr.Myers.

AND...I found a brand new pair of double lensed, Bole ski goggles for $2!!!!! If the kids don't fight over them, my joy shall be complete. The icing on the cake :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

One of my sons' favorite songs...I like it

"I'm Prayin for You" lyrics by Lecrae

Father God, I'm prayin' to you for somebody, who knows you Lord but just hasn't, hasn't been seein' you in the right view lately, Hear me out...

Father, I'm prayin' for a friend he and I are pretty close, and out of all my friends for this one I'm concerned the most. He say he readin' daily but he ain't really learnin'. He been in church but say that he ain't moved by any sermon. His face weak, he ain't prayed in a week, he wake up and just weep with his face in the sink Lord, you gotta help my man, I'm prayin' for him daily, he ain't sinned but it just seem as if he goin' crazy. He say he feelin' trapped, can't even head up the mall coz every lady's half-dressed temptin' him to lust and fall. He keep the TV off, videos just make him feel that he ain't really nothin' without money, girls and shiny wheels. The other day he told me that he felt less a man coz he ain't have a five-year plan or a piece of land and man it's crazy coz his family think so much of him, plus he got a godly wife who always showin' love for him but he's strugglin', even though he talk to me, I tell him what to do but he don't listen when he oughta' be. I'm scared for him coz there's people that look up to him, he got some younger siblings who been changed by what he's done for them but is it done for him, Lord don't let it be, if he don't wanna talk to you then Father hear from me, is it done for him, Lord don't let it be, if he don't wanna talk to you then Father hear from me...

Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, I'm prayin' for you
Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, yeah, I'm prayin' for you...

God, his condition is worsen since we were last conversed and I'm with him now and he ain't doin' well and this I'm certain. He say he tryna' trust you, doesn't wanna disgust you but he was in the mist of sinners and did not discuss you and just today his anxiety's got the best of him, he knows Christ but for hours refuse to rest in Him, he's not the best of men but Lord I know he really loves you and I can't understand why lately he's not thinkin' of you. People trust this dude, you could crush this dude, Father he needs more of you I pray you touch this dude, what can I say to him? I'm determined to pray for him Father empty and brake him I pray you'll just have your way with him, coz there's a change in him and the effects are strong, I pray you open up his heart before the next song and when he gets home, I pray he'll open up the sixty-six book love letter you wrote and soak it up coz he ain't hearin' You and he ain't feelin' me and God I know it's killin' You because it's killin' me and matter of fact there's somethin' else he's concealin' see, the person that I've been prayin' about is really me...

Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, I'm prayin' for you
Yeah, I'm prayin' for you, yeah, yeah, I'm prayin' for you...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I just have to show this again. Love it :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bonnets and Britches

Ok...this one will be two thoughts meshing together to find synchronisity (wow, big word for 9:30 pm).

I love "Little House on the Prairie", but I didn't start homeschooling to become Caroline Ingalls. She is cool, however, always smiling, ever gentle and quiet, married to that sweet Michael Landon and bakes a mean biscuit. It's not the silky bow in your hair that makes you beautiful, or how high your bread rises that makes you a good mom. Looking and acting like the Ingalls is just another image the other end of the image teeter todder. Although I love self expression, I don't want to get caught up in how things look from the outside. I chose to homeschool because it was more efficient, I love learning, teaching and being with my kids...not to be the poster family for goat's milk...and we drink goat's milk :)

1 Samuel 16:7 "God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

It takes a lot of thinking and training to get past the appearance of people and to get the heart. We are so easily fooled sometimes...and often because we want to be. I need to be careful though, not to send the wrong message either. Like it or not, we do affect people with our lifestyle choices. No one is truly free to live and do as they please. "Just be yourself" and "Let it all hang out" are selfish statements, with little regard for how our actions might affect others. What was that Jesus said?

Philippians 2:4 "Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others."

Sure,we have chickens, but my kids skateboard and Guy wants a motorbike (again). Yes, I grind my own wheat, but I hide the grinder in the kitchen corner. No, I've never had a perm or a dye job, but I never wear my Crocs to town. I listen to both Kieth Green AND some Bon Jovi. I am a completely free to bring glory to God in everything I do, without feeling a slave to the things my humanity craves. One more verse...because Jesus said really cool things:

1 Corinthians 10:23 "All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable."

We should think twice before jumping on the liberty bandwagon and not spend too much time tweaking our CD cover.