Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sugar Hangover

My retreat with Mother Nature and my surfing Dudes' new adventure has come and gone. I am very pleased to say that it was wonderful. No one was eaten by a bear, the van didn't break down and no one got sick :) We had a week with no schedule. I think that is the thing that made it wonderful...that and the sunshine God poured on us for all but one day of our week away.

The simplicity of life was refreshing,
the ocean air rejuvenating,
the warm sand therapeutic,
the visit with friends soulful,
the campfires heartwarming,
the return home timely and satisfying.

The one thing that was fun but left me feeling worse off than before was the junk food. We are not drinkers, so we don't deal with those kind of hangovers, but I believe in a thing called a sugar hangover. When you daily diet excludes almost all refined white sugar and flour, then you consume boxed and processed camping food...well, lets just say, you feel a little tipsy. It's oh so enjoyable for the moment, but later, you can really pay for it. It takes 2 or 3 days to get our bodies back in working order after our refined and high sugar foods binge.

I let each of the kids pick out a "car treat" for the drive. Gummy Bears, Swedish Berries, Sour Keys and Fuzzy Peaches were the main menu items for 5 hours. What was I thinking? They were absolutely bouncing off the van walls singing irritating and nonsensical songs by the time we arrived at our campsite. It did dissipate eventually...after I poured a couple liters of water down their parched throats...and made them chew on some tree bark. No, I didn't do that really...but I thought about it.

Some people don't understand why healthy eating is so important. I get LOTS of teasing due to our food philosophy, but that's ok with me. Feeling the other side of the fence once in awhile is a good reminder of why we eat the way we do.

Now, we are going through the motions of our regular slow motion. The brain fog is slowly burning off and our bodies are thanking us for the salad, the whole wheat and the absence of pop. We do partake in a little "junk food" inoculation every so often, just so you know, in order to avoid slipping into a coma when we go on vacation. Everyone need a little Passion Flakie once in awhile :)

Happy to be home.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Surf and Turf my Plans

Summer is finally here. The trampoline is set up, the garden is starting to grow and I finally bought a nice, 2-3 foot deep, FILTER pool for the kids to cool off in. Yay! No more dumping, cleaning and refilling an old, half deflated wading pool with Bart Simpson's picture on the sides, every two days. I have BIG plans for the summer. Lots of yard work, intense house cleaning, flower growing (and painting), reading, visiting etc. etc. By the time I finish writing this post, it'll be half over. That's usually how it works. Big dreams. Big ideas. Big let down. Big disappointment. I am learning the art of controlling my life planning. That important balance between "get er' done" and "riding the wave". The executive assistant meets the hippie. I'm picturing myself wearing bellbottoms, tie dyed T-shirt & hair bandana while clutching my clipboard and stopwatch.

The word RELAX is such a subjective word. How do you relax? What destresses you? For some people, no schedule, no goals and lots of spontaneity is relaxing. For some others, that would be a great precursor for a stomach ulcer and therapy. I think I need to accomplish things in order to really feel relaxed. Sounds odd, but true. If a 24 hour period goes by and I can't pin point something that got cleaned, created or advanced in some way, I feel like a total failure. No relaxing of my spirit happens here. Wasted time and staticisty (I'm sure that's not even a word...but it expresses what I mean) stresses me.

We are going camping this summer. I love camping. I love campfires, tents, trees, outdoor quiet, hobo dinners, being unplugged and away from the usual. Nothing much gets "accomplished" but I do feel relaxed. I guess because I'm not home, I CAN'T get stuff I relinquish my duty to DO. I'm forced to surrender to the demands of my simple and foreign surroundings. I 'm a guest at Mother Nature's house. She doesn't require floor sweeping, toilet cleaning, clothes sorting nor bread making. Her agenda is very simple and personal. Just live without all of the modern interuptions and listen to the sound of the elements. I still get to do stuff I love, like read and cook...just in peace...with no rushing. That's relaxing!

I cannot relax if my people are unhappy. I need my people to be happy. If my man and kids are bored and not liking what I like, then my fun is ruined too. SO...camping requires outings. Outings that allow my people to play. They need to play. They need a regular inoculation of sports in order to avoid slipping into a comma and possibly death. I don't understand it, I don't fight it, I just feed the beasts and accept their deficiency...I mean personality difference.

I have planned a camping trip that HOPEFULLY will satisfy everyone's desire to relax. Ten minutes away from my retreat with Mother Nature is a beach. A beach where my people will be given SURFING lessons! Lawerencetown, Nova Scotia is one of the hotspots for surfing. Who new? I didn't. So, they are very excited to plunge into a new wave of sportdom (new word) and I am excited to have them sufficiently entertained while I just breath. Breath in fresh ocean air, stick my feet into warm sand and dive into a getaway book for my adventure starved brain. Of course I'll video tape the wave frollicing for posterity sake. I do belive it will be highly entertaining.

I must remember however, that life is what happens when you are busy making plans. It the weather doesn't cooperate, or someone gets sick, or the van breaks down, or if one of us gets eaten by a bear, I must take it all in stride and ride the waves. Well maybe not if the bear thing happens, but for any other interruption, I will remember that God is still in control of everything He has plans for my life...He is still good and I will remember that even our vaction belongs to Him. I will ride those waves...and even the wind and the waves obey Him :)